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So in John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success programme, He has recommended that I should visit at least 10 other member’s Blogs as I have said in previous posts, so I can get an idea on what things they are doing and what things I could maybe add to my Blog, He said to leave comments and not just to say that they are ‘good’ but to expand on what I think.  Hopefully, in return, they will do the same for me.

The first Blog I looked at was Stuart Smyths, I think he has done a sterling job on his blog, one particular item he mentioned was the benefit of adding your signature to your blog post and how to go about it, not only that it’s absolutely free as the mentioned website ad-based.

I have found it very pleasing to the eye and in my opinion, looks very professional. Some people understandably probably don’t want their signature posted on to their website or blog but I have decided to give it a go.

Anyway, If you too would like to add a signature to your posts then please visit this link, This is very easy to follow and you should have your signature ready and working in minutes. 🙂

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Kev Spence.



    5 replies to "Adding A Signature To Your Posts"

    • Stuart Smyth

      Nicely put Kev! Hopefully there will be lots of interest and a few spin offs as a result.

    • David Urwin

      Hi Kev, believe it or not I was planning to research how to put a signature on my stuff and I came across your post whilst reading and commenting on other members blogs. Unfortunately your ‘link’ to the signature site is not working but I found it anyway through the ‘Stuart Smyth’ link which is working…a small fix for the link…
      I also read your post about getting ideas for blog posts and niches. There is a lot to chose from but it doesn’t make the choice any easier. A couple of websites you may get some ideas from are PLR sites which I sometimes visit for inspiration and ideas.
      Good luck and I hope you are successful…

      • kevspence

        Hi David Thanks for visiting my Blog, I will take a look at the link for the signature site it seems a few errors have been occurring on my page lately, So I am going to go through everything and check it out. I look forward to checking out some of those sites you recommend, Thanks for your support.

    • Greg Ray

      Hey Stuart… Greg Ray here. I am basically at the same spot you are in the Partnership To Success. I am enjoying the process very much, and I am learning a lot… even though I am already an experienced blogger. John Thornhill is an incredible teacher, an the advantages and benefits of this program are without equal. (By the way… I tried 3 times to join your list, and I was unsuccessful… you might need to check it out)

      • kevspence

        Hi Greg,

        Thanks for pointing out to me that joining my list wasn’t working, I have since sorted this now and got AWeber to sort it for me. If you are still wanting to join my list then please do. I look forward to taking a look at your Blog too my friend.

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