Upon leaving school in 1999 with not many GCSE’s, I was heading the wrong way in life. A young naïve teenager that thought he knew what life was all about.

Following the sheep, I was about to live a life full of crime. My parents obviously were not wanting me to head in this direction pointed me toward joining the British Armed Forces.

Realizing they were right I decided to head on down to the careers office.

After choosing which Regiment I was wishing to serve in (which was the Royal Engineers), I wasn’t able to pass the Barb test, This refined your ability into which regiment would best suit you.

So anyway the Corporal of horse sitting behind the careers desk pushed me towards his Regiment. This is where I would spend the next seven year of my life, The Household Cavalry Blues and Royals.

So after saying my oath and pledging my allegiance to our majesty the queen, I was sent to Phase 1 training in ATR Pirbright. Unbeknown to me, I was about to endure the hardest twelve weeks training of my life.

I must admit after a few weeks of constant discipline and be pushed to an inch of my life, I phoned home and I am not ashamed to say it, cried like a newborn baby to my parents, pleading with them to let me leave.

After calming me down and realizing what would happen if I gave up, I continued on with my training, The day finally came where my family came to see me Pass out, I will always remember the look on their faces of how proud they were that I achieved such a massive goal.

On completion of Phase 2 training which was passing my car license, tank license and obtaining NVQ’s in mechanical engineering and so on.

I was sent as a qualified Junior soldier to my Regiment in Windsor, where I was to serve in C squadron as a Trooper attached to Support Troop HCR

I went on an operation in Bosnia in 2002 and helped in the tasks of trying to rebuild the local communities, marking and clearing of landmines, operations involving capturing weapons caches and helping with the rebuild of schools and businesses.

Having several exercises in Salisbury plain and a six-month training tour serving in Canada, I was about to embark on one of the most dangerous tours I have ever had to deal with in my life.

So in 2004, I was sent to serve in Iraq for just over 6 months, where I did see my fair share of action, being bombarded almost every day with gunfire, mortar round attacks, and roadside IEDs.

It was at this point in my career where I received my field promotion to corporal which I was very proud of.

Whilst in operation we protected and worked with the local police service and civilians, we trained the Iraq national army, marked detailed maps of landmines, patrolled and secured the Iran/Iraq borders.

I also worked with the American army and the US Marine Core on a covert mission delivering in convoy, a tonne of reconnaissance vehicles to the army of Jordan.

This is where my life was to change and whilst on leave from duty in Iraq, I was to meet my now wife Vicky.

Once the tour had ended and in the following two years after, I was beginning to contemplate my future in the service, as we found out we were expecting our first child together.

So after losing a lot of friends and comrades during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, was the final reason I needed to realize I wanted to leave the army, as I didn’t want to have a family growing up without me around being on tour or god forbid something worse.

I then decided to sign off active service with great sadness, as I loved being a soldier and move onto my next great adventure. This was to join my father in business as a plumber, I trained in my resettlement and when I left yes a massive obstacle struck us all the Recession. This took its toll on the business and my dad had no choice but to let it go.

I then went on to become a bus driver, not a very big adventure I know, however, this is what I have done for the last 12 year. During this time we have since been married and fathered another two children.

So due to long hours and tired of working for little to no money and having constant grief from the public, with very little prospects of moving up in the company. I decided I wanted to take a new journey in life and follow my dream of becoming my own boss and to hopefully make a success online. So hopefully I can provide a better quality of life for my wife and kids.

I think I can do this and maybe I do deserve this break in life. After all, I have always had the drive and determination to achieve something bigger with my career after leaving the army. I just didn’t take the right paths that I should of to achieve anything with online marketing.

So this is when I came across the Product Creation Workshop course run by John, I thought why not? this man has been there and done this, he knows what he is talking about and his course has had multiple successful candidates. looking at his sales figures and attending numerous of his well-presented webinars I was sold.

Once completing this programme with the help and guidance of one of the biggest internet marketing entrepreneurs, I am sure to fulfill my dream and continue my journey of making it online.

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