Get Your Hands on This Brand New Tool For ClickBank Affiliates That

 100% Automates Bonus Delivery

Yes! You Can Now 100% Automate Your Bonus Delivery When Promoting ClickBank Products


Vendors: Dave Nicholson & John Thornhill

Hi all,

I am reviewing this product today without a video involved, as it’s such a simple but yet so powerful tool that’s so easy to use.

Also, Dave takes you through the process of bonus delivery on their sales page here

What is it about?

Bonus Automator Banner

John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson, two longtime internet marketers, know all too well, the hassle of delivering a bonus.

Which is why they have created Clickbank Bonus Automator, a painfully simple yet extremely powerful piece of software that can completely automate the whole bonus delivery process.
Even including verifying that the customer bought through your link!

What can it do for me?

If you’ve ever had to sit and sift through hundreds of bonus requests, manually setting people up and sending details, then you’ll know just how valuable this tool really is.

Oh, and you don’t need any tech skills or coding knowhow what so ever, the setup procedure can be completed in minutes, and once it’s done, your bonuses can be delivered automatically.

This product takes all the stress and hours of sorting through payment receipts manually to verify purchases to deliver your bonuses to the customer on autopilot.

You can then concentrate more on generating more sales than having the task of doing this yourself.

What is the price?

Well, they have two price options available to you which are:

A single site license priced at $42 in which you will get the single site license, create one bonus campaign with full step by step training. Yeah, it’s okay I suppose…

However, their second price bracket priced at $47 currently I know they have a 25% discount on if you act now as this is ending very soon.

With this discount, your going to get a multi-site license, create unlimited bonus campaigns and also receive the step by step training for I think if my maths are right about $35 dollars, so it’s a no brainer really.

Check it out here now while this discount still applies.

Kind regards,

    2 replies to "Automate Your Bonuses"

    • Noel

      Hi Kev,

      That’s a really useful software because manually checking bonus claims and delivering the bonuses to buyers can be a real time drain, especially if you make a good amount of sales.

      And it also lets buyers get their bonuses without waiting so I imagine it will keep them a lot happier.



      • kevspence

        Hi Noel,

        Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, you’re right it takes a massive amount of time out of my bonuses delivery.
        It’s a fantastic product from John and Dave, makes my life a whole lot easier 🙂

        Hope all is well my friend.

        Kind Regards,


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