Hello… Well, what can I blog about this week?

Well apart from one of the most important features you need when writing a blog, is to build a list. Which involves signing up to an autoresponder.

Its a tool that automatically responds to subscribers with your pre-written welcome messages and follow up emails for you, so you don’t need to write individual emails to each subscriber.

So after its integrated to your blog and they opt-in to your mailing list, it does most of the work for you. You still obviously need to write the emails first but once set up it sends them for you.

As you know generating subscribers is what you want, as what’s the point in having products or blogs when no one will be informed of any updates or sales pages if you didn’t tell anyone about it?

As the saying goes ‘The Moneys In The List’ 🙂


Signing up to Aweber is the recommended link, This costs $19 a month for up to 500 subscribers and as a welcome bonus, the first 30 days are free.

Bonus!! It’s so easy to set up and personally, I would be lost without it.

I know signing up for more outgoings isn’t ideal when you haven’t even started making any money for yourself yet.

However, it has to be a drop in the ocean once you do have 500 subscribers, Once you are selling products you won’t even think about this small monthly outgoing.

This week on the programme was quite an easy week, other than having to try and catch up with Blog posts, as in the coming weeks its recommended that we have at least ten recent posts.

When I come to monetize my blog I don’t get rejected by AdSense. This comes along in the coming weeks so if you don’t know what I am writing about don’t worry, it will be writing about it in my upcoming posts.

So like I have said in previous posts, that I can’t stress enough how much this programme has changed my outlook on writing blogs and making an online presence as having the support of John and the other P2S members I feel at ease.

I am really excited and looking forward to the future… If you too think you have what it takes then be sure to click the link below to get started.

Please leave a comment if you would like to maybe ask questions? or to let me know how you think I could improve my blog or maybe to try and write more about, as a newbie I would happily take any criticism or advice. 🙂

Again here are the links to the Product Creation Workshop & Aweber 

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Kev Spence.



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