Hi, again just a very quick update…..

I know that its only been a few days rather than a week or so, but with this course being so informative and I have a few hours spare, I thought I may as well get on with it. I don’t want to jump ahead with things but like I said in the last post, the videos and tutorials of Johns programme are really easy to follow.

So here I am working on week 5 but I am blogging about week 2.
I know, I know… I am that far behind with my Blog but not with the programme and that isn’t really a good thing, however, I find it easier to write about the previous weeks of training, once I have put into practice the things I have been taught.
Like I said, I can’t stress enough how much I am enjoying it and how much I am learning so much every single day.

So this week consisted of me downloading and installing optimize press, which works with WordPress, it’s an internet marketing tool that helps you create your blog, with the likes of plugins, videos, pictures and so on.

I also had to order and invest in Custom Smart Theme Graphics from a recommended link provided by John, This was so I could add website logos, retina logos, sidebar banners and favicons to my blog, to make it look more presentable. This purchase isn’t necessary if you are good with creating your own graphics but the vendor of this product was very creative and professional, I found it hard not to invest.

Also If you try and just download images etc. from the well-known search engines, then use them for your own benefit, It can be frowned upon and you could in worse cases find yourself with a lawsuit on your hands for copyright infringement. So now an investment into real vendors products doesn’t sound like a bad thing does it?

So after setting the smart theme to change the appearance of my blog and with the graphics purchased, we moved on to set up the header, logos, retina logos and site logos of my blog, all nice little touches to the appearance of it, really made it look so professional.

This week’s tasks included writing my ‘about me’ page so if you haven’t already done so please be sure to check it out. I also had to download and read a PDF eBook called
‘bloggers Roadmap’, written by Johns good friend Mr. Daniel Sumner. This eBook gives a lot of information and ideas on why you should be blogging, how to get people to comment and interact on your blog. Overall a massive insight into blogging and how to set up a blog, however, John does teach you everything about setting up a blog, but what he wants you to take out of this is the knowledge of Dan Sumner,
As this ebook tells you and it honestly taught me a lot after reading it, is lots and lots of information, years of experience and knowledge both Dan and John have in the art of blogging. So please take a look at the links if you need some inspiration into starting up your very own blog.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I look forward to writing about my progression through John’s programme over the next coming days.

Please leave a comment if you would like to maybe ask questions? or to let me know how you think I could improve my blog or maybe to try and write more about, as a newbie I would happily take any criticism or advice. šŸ™‚

Again here are the links to the Product Creation Workshop & Bloggers roadmap, So be sure to check them out.

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Kev Spence.






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