Reviewing Product:- Partnership to success

Product:- Partnership to success

Vendor:- John Thornhill

Partnership to Success is a marketing programme created by John Thornhill, A coaching programme that you simply can not afford to miss.

Underneath is a sneak peek inside my members’ area and what this programme has to offer…

What does the product offer?

Well, where can I start? I have been on this programme for some time now and honestly, in the beginning, I had no clue about how to even set up a webpage, Blog or create automated email lists.

However, I am now well on my way on creating my very first product.

He coaches you how to set up a Domain, Hosting, a Blog using WordPress, How to monetize your blog and build a mailing list, along with creating your very own first product, with a members area, a sales page and everything you need to become an online marketer.

If that isn’t enough John will promote your chosen product for a whole twelve months, he also is giving you access to all his released and future released products, his partner products and if you generate any leads to his evergreen webinar, then the lead signs up for the programme you could receive an $1182 commission on the front-end or around a $100 a month for twelve months if they were to buy in on the payment plan.

Yes, $1182 per sale of his programme. (only applies to P2S members, it’s not available to outside affiliates so be sure to sign up today!)

That will still apply even if they don’t sign up until later on down the line
as John will have your affiliate link hardcoded on your lead.

It’s a twelve-month programme that John takes you through each week, step by step through very well presented instructional videos.

Each week there is an introductory video and a downloadable checklist for the tasks he asks you to complete.

Don’t worry it’s not like School, It’s just a checklist so you can ensure you have completed all the important tasks at your own pace so you won’t forget.

Not only do you get his personal coaching, but he also gives you access to him 24 hours a day Monday through to Friday, in case you need him.

Access to a fantastic support desk if you were to ever need to submit a ticket.

He also has a massive P2S following who will try and give any assistance you may need.

Does it Work?

I couldn’t express enough that it does work!! like I have said I have gone from nothing to all of what you are reading now, which I honestly had no Idea about any type of marketing like I said, I am well on my way to creating my very own product. So be sure to check that out within the coming months.

Yes, I still have a long way to go with the programme but I am still here and every week I can’t wait to get on to the next stage of the course.

I have been introduced to some of the top marketers on Clickbank & JVZoo and guess what each and every one of those successful people was once a student of John’s. They have top sales on the leaderboards of each platforms marketplace every day or week.

Check out these video testimonials below.

The videos above are vendors who have both attended the programme and are placed high on the likes of clickbank and JVZoo products of the day/week, They also have got thousands of subscribers and some have created seven figure incomes from this programme. It’s very rare that you don’t see one of John’s students on one of the leading platforms week in week out. so surely that must mean his programme works very well.

What’s The Price?

To be honest, the price is very reasonable for the amount of work John has put into his product. I mean it’s not just as a one-off sale and that’s it, you don’t hear from him again. He is always available for a quick chat if you call his office, or maybe raise a ticket in his support desk. I can guarantee he will be there for you, or if not get back to you as soon as possible.

Check out the links below for the price brackets as there are a few options available.

One Single Payment

John Thornhill's Partnership to Success Program - Includes Jump Start Access

12 Month Payment Plan

John Thornhill's Partnership to Success Program - Includes Jump Start Access (Payment Plan)


Oh, I have forgotten to mention that this programme is worth well over $50.000 if he were to split each individual phase. So this price that he is offering, is a steal.

Please don’t forget to click my links above if you wish to take a look at this product.

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