Well hello again,

Just another small update, I have finally completed Phase one of the programme, I actually can’t believe how much I have achieved in these last eight weeks of the course. I am very proud of sticking with it, I am now about to enter Phase two which teaches us all about picking a niche, Trying to come up with ideas on creating a product about a chosen subject or subjects.

This is where dare I say it? I have come a little unstuck, as I find it very daunting on what ideas I can come up with this early in my training I mean yes, a few have been subconsciously floating around in my mind but I wouldn’t know where to begin putting them into practice. However, I do trust John and the programme so I am going to stop all these negative thoughts about creating a product and try and move on with it.

So I have just downloaded the worksheets from John and started to jot down the Ten topics I have written about on my blog, Ten things I have interests in, Ten things other people say I am good at etc, you get the idea I have to take my time and come up from these Ten core topics and list under these Ten sub-topics too.

I am sure over these coming weeks it will all become very clear to me on what I will come up with, as I find it very intriguing in what niche I decide to take, which will, in turn, should hopefully give me the starting point for future product creation.

As I said above, I have the absolute faith in John and I am sure he will guide me in the right direction with my choice.

Please leave a comment if you would like to maybe ask questions? or to let me know how you think I could improve my blog or maybe to try and write more about, I would happily take any criticism or advice. 🙂

Until I post again…





Kev Spence.

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    • Stuart Smyth

      Hi Kev, sorry it’s me again but interested in how you are progressing. Hope jotting down the 10 ideas will help. I’ve no doubt you will hit on a suitable subject that will give you something to get your teeth into as well as helping others. Nice positive comments about John. Good luck!

    • Bob Moore


      Nice job. Keep plugging away. Just stay focused and everything will fall into place. Trust me, you’re in a good place. You’ve got the best coaching.

      Once you get clarity on your project and you begin to see it coming into focus, your whole perspective will change.

      You will be so excited once you realize that your very own project is within sight.

      Do yourself a favor and just don’t give up. You can do it, and you have an extremely supportive community here. Reach out if need be. We’re all here to help.

      Please let us know how you’re progressing.

      Best regards,

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