I have recently just started in internet marketing and after enrolling on a course with Johns Product creation workshop.
I was at a mind blank on what posts I should add to my blog. So after lengthy thoughts and with little to no knowledge, I decided to get online and try and figure out what information would be best to publish on to my blog, as I was really struggling to come up with any ideas myself being a newbie to this market.

So after scrolling through hours and hours of other peoples blogs, trying to come up with content and inspiration, this idea popped up in my head and that after a bit of research, I would decide to write a post about key starting points you should try and consider before deciding on what information you wish to put on your blog. Which I think may help other newbies as such, to come up with their own ideas. As this certainly helped me out a lot.

1. Always try and think of a niche in the market.

This could be something you are passionate about like a hobby or interest, that you know you have some helpful and useful knowledge on, something you can maybe teach people by screenshots or even videos and links to that specific subject. Having knowledge about something big that’s about to go viral or what people want information on, can make a great starting point for your business model or blog. People feed off good information and will be willing to subscribe and buy into your article or product, Also more often than not they keep coming back again and again.

2. Give your audience something to sink their teeth into.

You want to keep them interested at what you’re trying to put across to them. I recommend keeping it to a minimum of at least 500 words or short clear but thorough training videos. If you are struggling with this, then take a break from what you are doing as something you forgot to add in might pop up later in your head, this also gives you a chance to read over and correct your work so far. Take it from this blog I am writing now, I have had ten revisions so far and I am expecting to add more.

3. Keeping your blog clutter free.

In my opinion, I found that when I was reading other peoples blogs, I was easily distracted from their article, as there were too many pictures or banners. Granted some people are trying to promote their products and that’s totally fine in internet marketing, but there is no need on having link after link, banner after banner, picture after picture and so on of their fantastic new deal. I think this looks too much like spam or Click bait which to be fair is a good promoting tool (Clickbait that is) but this is on the downturn as a lot of it isn’t even in the article once you have read it, or worse still a nasty scam.
I find that if people are really interested in your Blog/Product that they will find the link on which they wish to purchase or subscribe to. This doesn’t mean to say that you need not add this as everyone’s opinions are different, its just that too much of it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Yes promoting your product and blog is obviously majorly important but imagine if you were constantly bombarded with PPI calls all day, you would eventually just turn your mobile off.  What’s the saying? “Too many chefs, spoil the broth”.

4. Blog titles.

Probably one of the most important subjects I want to try and put across!! Having a great title can really entice traffic onto your blog or product as this helps with SEO, so try and use keywords that you think people may search for when looking for the subject they want information on. This will surely help your product or Blog reach the top of some of the biggest search engines out there. which intern is going to help push traffic to your product which of course is always going to help with sales and subscribers. 🙂

5.Hot Topics.

So think about it this way, If you are watching the news or reading it and a breaking news story comes up that relates to your blog or industry and it starts to go viral. You could try and act fast by typing up a 500-word post with unique key points about this news story, which will mean that it is hot and up to date. With this, your blog should build momentum and start spreading on search engines and social media (providing you have linked your blog to your accounts) and people want this information fast so you will have more traffic heading your way. Trying to add a post a few days after this story isn’t going to get you much traffic as it is as you know…old news. However don’t think that you need to act straight away every time something goes viral, as people still can add to the story after a news headline or information is cooling down as opinions and facts can still be added as long as you have something unique to add to it.


Finishing off your blog is also majorly important, especially if you have other articles that may be of interest on this subject or product, So adding a URL or hyperlink can really make your blog stand out from the rest, as it will make it look so more professional.

So on that note, I hope you have enjoyed this post and it hopefully inspired you to go and use some of these key points to post on your blog. So please if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment in the comments box below.

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Kev Spence.

    2 replies to "Struggling??? “The Top 6 Key Points To Add Posts And Ideas To Your Blog”"

    • Lynn Baillie

      Great article and some useful points to consider for my next blog. It can be a challenge sometimes working out the next topic for a blog so your post is helpful. Keep up the great work Kev.

    • Bill Richards

      Some great points made there kev, very helpful and insightful. You have helped me with a few things for which I thank you.
      I shall be visiting your blog again soon…….Bill.

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