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Tidio-Chat Review/Tutorial

Please take a look at the video above and I will show you how to install this free software called Tidio chat, or navigate to just below and I have written a few paragraphs explaining what it is all about.

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What’s it about?

Now I just wanted to share this free software with you, as I think it’s a great addition to add to your website and makes it look very professional.

The software I am talking about is Tidio-Chat, A free chat Bot that acts as like sort of support desk, So if anyone has any questions or needs help they can just interact with the chatbot.

This software helps you capture leads, as once set up correctly you can get notified via the app on your smartphone that someone is visiting your website.

In turn, it will notify you that someone is trying to interact with you on your smartphone while you’re on the go, providing you have the Tidio-Chat app downloaded on your device.

You can also integrate it with your email and facebook messenger service, ensuring you to never miss a sale or a customer visiting your site.

You can even set up a fully automated chat bot’s to interact with your customers, which will automatically message your customers who abandon their shopping cart.

What makes this even better is you can fully customize the chatbot to whatever message you want it to send to your potential customers.

Does it work?

Research tells us that having a chatbot can increase your conversions to 1 in 4, So look at it as a follow-up email, how many of these have earned you a sale days after your launch or post.

We all know to generate leads and converting them into sales is hard work, this software records customers entered details when they interact with you or the bot. so you can later export them and tell them about your future launches or posts.

Ok, so what does it cost?

Absolutely nothing, well I tell a lie… If you want to upgrade to have three operators to help you control your site you need to pay around $17 a month. However, you can have a forever free plan but it will only allow you the owner to be the only admin inside of your dashboard.

I hope you have enjoyed my post today, If you would like to leave any feedback of my very first video then please do, I look forward to adding more posts like this in the very near future.

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