Get Ready For The Last Video Creator You’ll Ever Need


Okay, Okay we have all heard this before right? the best and last video creator you will ever need to purchase…

But truthfully it is, for now, obviously, the way technology and apps are moving forward, then this one at the moment is fantastic and is up there with the best and best of all it’s portable too.

The creators from Viddyoze have recently released this new video creator called Klipyyo a brand new cloud-based app that works on any web browser on any portable device!

That means you can shoot videos on the go, edit them, and publish them to any social network all within minutes, without the need for expensive desktop software.

Shooting, editing, and publishing fresh content is a complex, time-consuming task. It’s a constant struggle to get noticed.

So the people that put in the effort to get noticed deserve all the fans, all the accolades, and all the sales they get as a result.

The problem is video has changed so much that many people are completely failing to get any traction at all.

And it’s not because of a lack of effort, or bad content, or any reason you’d typically think of.

You could have the best content in the world, and it’ll still not get seen.

And it’s all because of the different WAY video is being used.

The good news is once you know what’s so different, making the change and reaping the rewards is easy.

And the results can be stunning:

80-100% more engagement.

30-35% higher video views.

33% less cost per engagement.

78% more visibility in newsfeeds.

And the really good news is that there’s a new application that’s just launched called Klippyo that lets ANYONE make these changes with next no effort at all.

This is a solid app, created by a team who’ve worked with brands like Sony, Tesla, and Vodaphone.

And the app itself has is used and fully endorsed by video marketing celebrity Derral Eves.

Derral is EASILY one of the world’s foremost YouTube experts with over half a million subscribers.

So there’s a pedigree behind this app that doesn’t come around all that often.

If you want to know HOW video has changed, WHY that’s important to you, and WHAT to do to ramp up your video engagement by as much as 100% then everything you need to know is here:

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PS: This offer is time-limited offer, and even if you don’t make use of the exclusive deal, the 3 bits of advice you’ll read are worth their weight in gold – so check it out while the page is still active.


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