Hi all,

I am once again caught up with the programme, So now I can catch up on some of these blog posts too. I need to do this like as I said in my last post so I can resubmit my application to Google AdSense.

The Final Week of phase 1

The final week in this Phase anyway, was a very demanding but rewarding one, It Involved me getting to grips with Link supercharger, and oh boy I still am trying to get to grips with it.
What the product provides or teaches you is how to cloak or uncloak your links so they look a lot better, For example, one of my links I set up initially will look like this:

(I have changed some of the below URL for privacy reasons)


So this one above doesn’t look very neat or professional as to the one below, which is what link supercharger does for you, It really is a great bit of kit.


If you are wishing to check out this link above then please don’t hesitate as its a great bit of training for you, if you want to take a look.

So moving on I needed to add a few more opt-in forms to my blog, Using my trusted friend Aweber like in week 3 and link it with a load of welcome, Thank you and follow up emails.

Like I said a very demanding yet rewarding week I have thoroughly enjoyed doing.

If you too, like me would like to join this excellent programme then please click here.

p.s quick update to my post, I have now acquired approval from Google Adsense 

Please leave a comment if you would like to maybe ask questions? or to let me know how you think I could improve my blog or maybe to try and write more about, I would happily take any criticism or advice. 🙂

Until I post again…





Kev Spence.

    2 replies to "Week-8 List Building Part 2."

    • Stuart Smyth

      Hi Kev,

      Was very interested to read about your Week 8 training experience and especially about your offer of the report. This shows that not only did you complete the 8 weeks but obviously understood it and were able to put everything into practice. I’m on Week 8 too, taking ages to take it all in but will keep trying. Our backgrounds have been similar – Pirbright in 1963 and finishing my soldiering in 1966. All good stuff! Hope you are able to do as much as you would like to do online!

      • kevspence

        Hi mate,

        Yeah a very hard week my friend but was a good one tho I am really enjoying the course. I have to do it all again tho as i have put in the wrong links using Clickbank instead of JVZoo.

        By the way congratulations on being my first ever comment haha.

        I too hope you do the same in internet marketing.


        Kev Spence.

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