Do you want to benefit and profit from showing and explaining your products or services on webinars but don’t want to spend all your valuable time learning all the new software, setting up registration pages, Thank you pages or even running the webinar?

Well I can help you!

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minimize your Workload

I will show you how I can lighten your workload or solve your problems. I will of given you everything you need to mail your audience to get them to grab a seat. I can provide you with proven email swipes with recommended times to send to your lists. I study your product in advance and get to know how to best sell it to your registrants or audience and answer their most pressing questions.

Benefit from extra income

Sit back and relax knowing that your products or services are earning you an extra income stream from the webinars I run for you.
You don't have to do much work just make your presentation and the rest is all done for you. Check out my testimonials below and see what results I have achieved for some of my other clients .

confidence in webinars

Have confidence knowing that your important event is in the hands of an expert. I have ran hundreds of webinars for the biggest marketers in the business, I have hands-on webinar experience and can provide you comprehensive, expert webinar services so that your webinar runs as smoothly as possible so you or your staff can focus on what’s most important, the presentation itself.

responsive Design

I can take care of all the details, however big or small, involved in producing a webinar. I have the software to edit and produce as most webinars today are pre-recorded or I can even run it live for you. I can schedule the event with the webinar service provider, create branded and responsive registration pages and send reminder messages to registrants, Along with after webinar follow up.

Software I Use


"Kev has helped me run hundreds of webinars over the past 12 months and has helped me grow my business significantly. After training Kev personally with everything he needs to know in the webinar business he has excelled in every department and I am delighted he is now in a position to help other marketers grow the webinar side of their online business."
"Excellent service, Kev has reduced my webinar workload significantly. He is thriving on this side of the marketing industry and I am sure he will go on to run webinars for some of the biggest names in the business."
"I was introduced to Kev by my good friend John Thornhill. We have ran multiple webinars together and Kev's service is highly professional and second to none. He is always my first choice to run webinars and always will be. I have total confidence in his services and professional attitude toward online business."

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Frequently asked questions

I can set you up with everything you need from registration pages to running the webinar, the only thing you need to worry about is your presentation itself. I can then edit it and produce it so we can change the Order URL for each Individual Affiliate who promotes your webinar

The overall running cost for you would be dependant on the platforms you use. I can recommend certain platforms for you. My cost would be 10% of all sales made from the webinar. 

I noticed a gap in the market that would benefit vendors who need help running their webinars who don’t have much time in their everyday business.

I can take all of the stress and time consuming tasks of running webinars for you. I can follow up with your registrants, absentees and buyers. I can do everything for you other than the actual presentation itself. 

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