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“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” - Robert Rose

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My Naame is Kev Spence and I have created this site for people wanting to get started in internet marketing people with no list, no products and most of all for it to be newbie friendly. 
I am currently a JV ad webinar manager for John Thornhill who is top 1% ClickBank platinum vendor and affilaite. 
I know how his coaching and his products work and will deliver his content to you along with my own recommendations to other top marketers info products and services that you will need when first starting out in this industry.
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Product Reviews

Come and see all my product reviews of top internet marketing Gurus and you may get some at special discounts or very limited bonuses. Check them out now !


This webinar has a unique twist as it provides a solution where you can license John Thornhill's products to create the ultimate sales funnel in under 30 minutes that helps build your very own list while generating an affiliate income at the same time.

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Discover the simple formula that can generate you $1182 a saleand all you have to do is drive traffic it's that simple... To get started Just fill in your info on the page to get whitelisted

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