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Internet Marketing Can Be a Lonely Place

Hey there,

The title in this article makes you think well why would anyone want to be an internet marketer?

Well, I can tell you why… having an income where you can work when you want and where you want is most
people’s dream. Choosing what hours to work and if you take the right steps you can earn more money than you can in any normal job.

However, it can be very daunting/lonely and that’s why I chose that title. You see when you have a job where
the company you work for employs a number of other staff and pays everything for you, ie, your tax, national insurance, etc. then you become contempt. You have colleagues, a team and guidance you tend not to feel lonely.

This is where people go wrong choosing to work alone in the marketing industry. They think that they are competing with others to make the most money when in fact they should be working together to push their offer/product as hard as they can using affiliates and building relationships.

That’s why I chose to work with John Thornhill in the Partnership to Success program. This way it means the marketing world doesn’t have to be so lonely. You can work with guidance through John and his coaching along with all the other P2S members’. I have met so many people from across the world who give you guidance and urge you to push forward through John’s training. Just the other week I got a message out of the blue from one of the biggest names in the game asking how I was getting on and if I needed any help at all. Guess what he is one of John’s many success stories.

You see John will take you from a complete newbie with probably for most not knowing anyone in the industry to a fully pledged internet marketer with your own brand and released products. This along with his guarantee that you will be in a position to quit your normal day job and become part of a group that works and promotes together.

IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE A LONELY PLACE… this is where most people give up and say it’s not for them and go back to working as that robot in a factory or working in a job you loathe.

If you would like to check out what John can offer you and see if you have what it takes to become free and independent then click on the ‘Begin’ button on the header of my website and it will take you to his evergreen webinar and he will show you how.

until next time.


2 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Can Be a Lonely Place”

  1. Hi Kev,

    Absolutely can be lonely, especially if you get stuck, which I have done many times.
    The worst thing is, if you get that lonely and frustrated that you give up.
    I personally had been there and done that, instead of pushing on.

    John is great to keep you on point.



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